Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knitting meets Pinterest

I was a Brownie in Europe..nooo not the chocolate goodies in a square pan we most enjoy, but the girl scouts kind, wearing those brown uniforms, where you where encouraged to excel in earning badges! My mom took it upon herself to teach me how to knit so I could earn my knitting badge. I soooo remember the rules that the square had to be even tension and a certain size. I tried stretching it to make it bigger to get out of knitting. My mom laughed but kept me encouraged to finish. That was something I had trouble with, starting was GREAT, finishing was hard to do.

I had a different name in those days.
No badges earned yet but very excited to find out what its like to be a Brownie!
Many years later, I decided to get into knitting and got into complicated sweater patterns which took me a year to make most sweaters. Hats where more fun cause you could get them done fast. Even made a few sweaters for boyfriends which if they pissed me off during the year, that sweater was ripped back to balls of wool! I still have the balls of wool from one ex-boyfriend's sweater I knitted for him, back in the 70's!

With out wool shops or someone to pass on the knowledge and to demonstrate, back in those ancient days before YouTube, it was near impossible to figure out those patterns on your own. Loyalty was needed with wool shops so you could come back again and again for guidance. My mom was great at teaching and somehow between the two of us we could figure out most patterns and sometimes still had to seek out the wool shop expert to show and tell.

Now replacing mom guidance, is YouTube, filled with people who are willing to demonstrate certain stitches and  you name it, its there. I have posted some of the ones I needed into my Pinterest account to reference quickly while also sharing with other Pinterest pinners!

My mom, Norma, crocheting a huge blanket with my dog Dixie
 thinking its for her!
We laughed when I took this photo and titled it,
 "Sooo many men and so little time".
2012 I discovered Pinterest. I set up my account not really knowing what good this was going to be for me or was it just another time waster. What I did like, being visually oriented and dyslexic, was information saved with images which is a  bonus, where I could quickly review and read later.

Norwegian slippers are knitted in squares then sewn together.
Thankfully I have studied geometry to figure how to put these together!
 Using Pinterest, I have had fun finding new recipes to try, connections with other people around the world, and re-discovered my joy for knitting and crochet.  It inspired me to dig out my old needles, buy some fresh yarn and take up knitting once again with lots of patterns I have recently discovered, swapped and saved on Pinterest.

The squares are all sewn together ready for the next step.

Norwegian slippers are made with 100% wool to allow shrinkage
 that man made fibers like acrylic would not perform.

Photo shows the knitted slipper ready for the hot water wash to FELT it to my foot size 7.
Shrinking wool is also called felting which uses a hot water wash in a washing machine.
 Not all wool shrinks the same so a sample size to determine the shrinkage is important first step. 
Finished Norwegian Slippers with a pom-pom.
Knitted gift sent to my sister for xmas.
Warm and cozy!
 I added the skull buttons and knitted stripes for my son's slippers!
I have currently knitted 6 Norwegian felted slippers, two crochet flower head bands, and a hat.

WOW, the free patterns that are available and the inspiration is abundant on the internet and I discovered these patterns on Pinterest which I find its like eating nuts, you just can't have one! Here is my Stitch Knit Sew collection to check out the patterns I have collected: pinterest.com/minazjantz/stitch-knit-sew-weave-fiber-fabrics/

My  model, the red ball is posing for my crochet head band.
Quick and easy to make and off they went as gifts for family.
Its adjustable to fit any size head
with a large button in back of head band.

The head band flower detail was stitched after all was made.
I invite you to take a gander at all my Pinterest collections, including inspirational artists, art lessons on YouTube and lots of other fun and interesting things I have collected on Pinterest.

Happy New Year 2013

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I love to knit but I can only knit scarves :( I love the squares blanket!