Thursday, August 15, 2013

NEW: Offering Framing Services

Enter the Artist's Studio
I will now be offering framing service to my art collectors’. It is something I wanted to do for a long time but had to invest in some stock and more equipment. I made the commitment and can cut glass and mats to fit frames. I do not MAKE the frames but can order them already made or use any customers frames.

Upon entering my studio space, I have Ziggy as my door bell and greeter.
This is his chair & his blanket, just in case you needed to know!
Designing a creative 400 sq. to be useful for many artistic activities and various storage types, has many challenges, like making a large accessible area CLEAR for using the mat/glass cutter, safe storage for large sheets of glass, and wall space to stack mat board. I also store some frames for art shows and for the commissioned pet portraits which take up a lot of space. Now add the all the other goodies and it could all end up being a disorganized nightmare, if I didn't take the time to figure out HOW I need to work in this space!

On the wood table is my new Logan Artists Elite Mat and glass cutter.
I discovered bolt-less metal shelving called at my local building supplier. I assembled it by myself without the help of burly men and their power tools! The metal shelving came with wood shelves and two design options; stacked like a tall bookcase or dividing it up to two lower shelving units, useful as a working cabinet top that also has corner clip attachments for L shaping and stability.

Gorilla Rack metal and wood shelving, some storage of larger wood frames against the wall 
and metal painters easel.
This section of the studio I used the Gorilla Rack metal shelving, divided in two  parts and made them into an L shape for accessible storage and lots of useful counter space, just my height.
The shelves helped to define my main room into two useful spaces. One side is focused for painting, and creative assembly, the other side sewing machine and storage. 

Standing half way into the studio space, facing towards the open doorway, the precocious pooch Ziggy,
 waits for me to head back to the kitchen to make DINNER!
Here is my drawing and painting corner with framing glass up against the wall 
and close to the cutting table.
I have dragged around this big heavy industrial sewing machine for near 25 years.

What was once roadside garbage, posing as an old bathroom mirror cabinet, is now my new sewing machine stuff shelf. I painted over the mirror and scratched into the paint ART and STUDIO on the two end mirrors. I left the middle mirror for hanging drawings with DUCT taped clip works!
I found the 3 drawer  child's dresser on the side of the road, frozen into a snow bank. I chipped it out and found it to be the perfect size cabinet for storing all my soft pastels, together, organized into their VALUE section. I divided the drawers with cardboard dividers and placed it near my painting section.
Having the art studio space is a dream come true and now I can do framing for myself and for customers.... its time to get in there and PAINT!

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